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Wye Valley Apiaries is working with the Welsh Pollinator Task Force to increase the volume of Bees and Queens produced in the UK.
Using the Bakers Field Apiary in Redbrook as a Teaching and Production site a group of Beekeepers centred around Monmouth will be aiming to reduce the dependance on imported queens.

As seen at the True Taste Awards website link

Bees for 2016.
A limited number of 6 frame Nucleus colonies will be available following the Cherry Pollination.

Locally reared Queens will be available from Mid May onward.
Bee orders and deliveries are dealt with on a first in first out basis.

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  • Traditionally we sell through regional shops and outlets
  • Please call or email for details.

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Wye Valley Apiaries Gareth and Bernice Baker Mill House Upper Redbrook, Monmouth Monmouthshire NP25 4LL Wales

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The True Taste awards have recognised Wye Valley Apiaries Honey to be among the best foods in Wales.

Our Bees are seasonally sited along the Welsh border following the River Wye almost a hundred miles from it's source on the Heather Moors above the Elan Valley to the Sea at Chepstow. The varied environments range from broadleaf woodland in the south through huge orchards and fields of white clover to the beautifull purple heather moors in the north. This varied forage produces honey ranging from almost clear to extremely dark with varying flavours and textures.

Our Spring honey will be harvested around the end of May when the oil seed rape has finished flowering and will have Cherry, Apple, Raspberry and Strawberry as well as all the Field Fare of Dandelion, Hawthorn and Sycamore. These honeys with that of any Rape provide an excellent base for our Creamed Honey, smooth and spreadable.
Summer Honey again from fruit orchards but this time blended by the Bees with the amazing flavours and aromas of tree Honeys such as Lime, Sycamore, Chestnut and where they can find them the Garden Honeys of Lavender,Sage and Thyme.
I feel that freshly baked crusty bread or warm buttered toast was actually invented to be eaten with honey, but then as a Beekeeper I would wouldn't I

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